Week 7 Training

Early morning run

I am a bit shocked that I have been training for 7 weeks!  I am not sure how that happened.  This week I managed to get out for 3 runs of 3 miles each.  So I have done 9 miles this week.  I ran on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.  My Tuesday and Saturday runs followed similar patterns – I ran 2 miles non-stop then my legs slowed to a walk (I swear I did not consciously decide to walk – it was totally out of my control!)  However, today’s run was more successful – 3 miles non stop…


It still feels very hard – but I have improved compared to where I was 7 weeks ago.  For starters, I am running 2 – 3 miles without having a walking break.  If I remember back to when I last trained for the marathon I was using walking breaks throughout my training.  This time is going to be different.  I am really focused on endurance.

I am really happy with my pace.  It might seem slow to some but, for me, it’s absolutely spot on.

I was disappointed with my runs on Tuesday and Saturday but today has made up for them.  A good end to my running week!



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