Week 13 Marathon Training


28 days to go! Oh my goodness.

I’ll keep it short and sweet today as I am exhausted (same as this time last weekend I recall!) After a rubbish running week – minimal milage due to not feeling to chipper, I managed 17 miles today. It felt ok. I was on top form around 7 miles (managed a 10:18 minute mile) but around 13 miles my legs got heavy. I tried a strategy of walking 1 minute every mile and this worked really well. I conserved energy and it did not have a dramatic impact on my pace. I think I will use this strategy for the race. My half-marathon pace is staying consistent:


It’s fair to say I was pleased to take my trainers off when I got home!


Week 13: 23.9 miles run, 3 runs, average pace: 11:58 min miles, elevation climb: 8587 ft (wow!), time spent running: 4:45:29

Week 12: 23 miles run (plus approximately 4 walked), 3 runs, average pace 12:28 min miles, elevation climb: 7,826 ft (wow!), time spent running: 4:46:49 (not including walking time)



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